i am gettign objheap.cpp error 
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 i am gettign objheap.cpp error

i had a  cluster ( pretty large one ), i added few more controls to
the cluster. when i tried to open the main vi where this custer is a
contol in the FP, further the cluster is used for processing(updating
, reading etc)in the code.
When i try to open the main vi with the modified cluster i get
objheap.cpp error and the labview closes by itself when i press ok.
What could be the reason for this problem.

Is there any precaution i need ahere to when working with large

Thu, 23 Jun 2005 17:57:25 GMT  
 i am gettign objheap.cpp error
Did you get a line number?  That would go a long way to finding the
reason for the error.

I believe that your VI has become corrupted due to the number of
controls on your front panel.  Not counting the controls in the
clusters, how many objects do you have?

The following link points to another link that discusses the interal
errors of LabVIEW.  It might help.


Sat, 25 Jun 2005 00:53:37 GMT  
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