Is labview software and an Instron 1011 compatible? 
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 Is labview software and an Instron 1011 compatible?

We have an old Instron 1011 and wish to update the system as much as
possible.  We wish to use it with the labview software.  Are these
compatible?  Are driver's available (instron and labview say they do
not have drivers)?  It sounds like it may have to be programmed, so
what are the plus's and minus's to that?  Am I better off just
sticking to the old software.  If anyone has any expertise to help us
out, I would appreciate it.

Mon, 23 Aug 2004 08:16:21 GMT  
 Is labview software and an Instron 1011 compatible?
Interesting question: make or buy.
Buying a new systems means that it is allways terribly expensive and
the old stuff that still shines well has to be thrown out.
The risk of doing everything yourself is hobbying (when you do things
you are not trained in or have insufficient background of).
Hobbying results in a lot of hidden costs for your company.
Third option is that you contact a (internal) company that has proven
to solve similar problems/challanges.
N.I. has awarded a limited number of companies to be called "Alliance
members" which can do such tasks for you. There are also non-alliance
companies that can do these tasks.
Estimate the costs of these 3 options (with pros/cons)and let your
boss decide.

Mon, 23 Aug 2004 17:11:07 GMT  
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