Not able to measure strain using pci 6033 E card 
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 Not able to measure strain using pci 6033 E card

I have a pci 6033 E DAq card which i am using to measure the
displacement from a linear displacement sensor. i downoaded the
program for continious strain measurement from the sample programs.
The LVDT is  vishay micromeasurements HS-100(S/no MG2459) supports
full bridge. I coonected the wires green to CH0 -ve white to ch0 +ve
andred to excitation +ve black to excitation negative. Inspite of
checking rechecking and breaking my head over this for over 4 weeks
and about 300 hrs, i am not  able to get the current signal to be
displayed on my VI. I think i am missing something, can any one gime
some suggestions regarding how to get the current strain to be

Sun, 09 Oct 2005 17:35:35 GMT  
 Not able to measure strain using pci 6033 E card
Let's start with some basic stuff first, and then we'll get to the
nitty gritty.

First, have you measured your excitation voltage to be sure it's
active?  What are you using for excitation?  Keep in mind, the 6033
has no analog outputs.

Second, be sure that your analog inputs are configured for
differential so that the negative side of the input is not connected
to any ground.

If your bridge is truly a full-bridge (you don't need any resistors to
complete the bridge), this *should* be enough.

Let me know, and we'll work it out.


Sun, 09 Oct 2005 20:49:46 GMT  
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