LabVIEW 5.1 Application Crash 
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 LabVIEW 5.1 Application Crash


This type of crash is very difficult to narrow down. Some questions to

1. How occasionally is "ocassionally"? Is there any sort of
periodicity to the crash?
2. Does the software seem to be doing anything in particular when it
goes down?
3. Is this same software running on another computer?
4. Is it possible to run just certain portions of the code to narrow
down what's not playing well together? Personally, I'd be suspecious
of the FieldPoint and the two motion controller boards (in that
5. What is your memory consumption and cpu utilization doing around
the time of the crash? There could be a memory leak that is
culminating in the crash.
6. The drivers for the non-NI motion control boards, are they DLLs,
CINs or what? Improper DLL calls can cause sporatic crashes.
7. Is there anything else running on the computer that you don't
normally think about being there? Look for network-based automated
backups, virus scans, print servers anything that runs in the
8. Does the crash still happen when you have the thing on an isolated
network (i.e. no other network services running).

Sorry that this doesn't give you a solid answer, but as I said these
types of problems can be a bear to troubleshoot. Unfortunately you may
never know what is causing it--one day it will just stop doing it...


Sun, 15 Aug 2004 02:51:03 GMT  
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