address / irq of serial ports (labview 4.0 / windows 98) 
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 address / irq of serial ports (labview 4.0 / windows 98)

I've got two serial ports in my system. Since I've a lot of extension
cards witch
need a lot of interrupts the only way Windows can manage the serial
ports is:
COM1 with irq 3 on 3F8 and
COM2 with irq 3 on 2F8.

I know this is no standard and I know also that it isn't a very good
idea to use two
time-critical serial devices sharing one irq (like a modem and a mouse
for example) but
normally I don't use the serial ports at all.
If I do, most applications run well with this.   But not so labview :-(
Port number 1 (Com 2) delivers error code 37  when I try to handle it
via the serial port vi's.
Port number 0 (Com 1) pretends to work fine (Code 0) but doesn't
recognize input data and hangs when  I try to send data...
It seems to me that the old 16bit-written-for-Win3.1-LabViewVersion4.01
give a shit on the Windows 98-recommandations where to find the
Com-Ports and tries to find'em on it's own.
Am I right with this? In case, how can I say LabView where to find the

Furthermore I heard that higher versions of LabView use the VESA-Vi's
for serial communication.
There are VESA-I/Os also in version 4.01. Is it possible to use them for
serial communication?

Bye & Thanx in advance!


Mon, 05 Jul 2004 22:53:39 GMT  
 address / irq of serial ports (labview 4.0 / windows 98)
- Yes, you can use VISA for serial access ... even though you'll
probably get the same result
- A solution is to remove one serial port, especially if you don't use
it at all
- As far as I remember there are different versions of 4.01 for win3.1
and win9x ... maybe they behave different

Hope this helps

Tue, 06 Jul 2004 01:08:37 GMT  
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