phase shifted signal 
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 phase shifted signal

hi.  i'm only a beginning student in labview, so this question will
    seem simple to all of you...  but why not try?
i'm trying to get labview to:
1.  read from a function generator,
2.  show a waveform chart of the signal.
3.  show a digital indicator of the frequency
4.  show a digital indicator of the amplitude
5.  use the frequency and amplitude in a virtual signal generator
    with an added phase shift of 180 degrees
6.  show the new phase shifted signal on a second waveform chart.
7.  show the amplitude and frequency again on digital indicators (for
later additions of manual adjustments)
8.  have the sound card play the original signal by itself, and then
both signals together by flipping a boolean.
it'll demonstrate phase cancellation of a simple sine, cosine, etc....

any hints?  i can read the frequency on a digital indicator by using
"auto power spectrum" and
"frequency and power estimate", but only when the amplitude is set by my
other program (a spectrum analyser) to be at the highest intensity of
that frequency.  otherwise the reading goes between 0 and 1.
i can't get any amplitude reading at all.

any help would be appreciated.  i'm working on win95 and labview 5.0

Mon, 12 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
 phase shifted signal

this is whole lotta stuff for one person:

just a few ideas before going home ...

1) Reading the function generator: via GPIb or serial ?
3) frequency with power-spectrum function
4) amplitude: max. value (or (max+min value) from the output
of the function generator
8) NI soundblaster DAQ VIs from their Website...

send an email for details ?!?

Stefan ;-)

||   Stefan Tauche   Infineon Technologies AG, Munich
||                    A Siemens Corporate

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Tue, 13 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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