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 Access Violation

Hi !

Some time ago I posted a message "Access Violation (2002-02-05) ".
I'm including my original message below. Since I received a lot of help I
thought I might post again telling about what I found.

The problem was a VI named "Replace Array Subset", if I used this VI twice
within the same subVI the error described earlier (access violation) would

This VI was used, in this specific situation, with a 3-dimensional array.
I used the VI three times within the same subVI, but after some change I
didn't need it more than twice, and Voila!! - the access violation suddenly
occured only half as often as before.
After some more testing I came to the conclusion mentioned above.

Anyone had similar problems?

Roger Ohlund,   MSc Engineering Physics

>Ok! From the beginning.

>I have built an Image analysis software that can aquire images from 12
>cameras and calculate 54 parameters from each of these images. The software
>is used to control a process. The source code is about 15 MByte, the
>operative system win2k, the computer a dual pIII 1000 MHz with 512 MByte
>RAM, the grabbercards are Matrox Meteor II cards, no external DLL's. The
>calculations include different Fourier analysis,  morphological analysis
>colour analysis, the cycle time per camera is 0.65 seconds. The longest
>runtime it's been executed is slightly short of 4 months. The software has
>logging abilities, OPC and DDE communication built in, but also (of course)
>on screen presentation. Whilst up and running the application allocates
>memory for different kinds of images, about 12 MByte. The labview
>environment is LabView 6i with Imaq 5.0. When I tried to include my history
>presentation it allocated something like 30 MByte for the 3-D array. Using
>extract array subset and replace array subset I shift the the 300 values 1
>step each time the main application has delivered the data, data that is
>in as a column in the array filling the first position of the 54 different
>300 values long arrays. The procedure is than repeated for each page in the
>array as the cameras are switched. At any given time I can access any of
>12*54 arrays with its 300 values with a little help of some useful VI's,
>standard NI array VI's. I just extract a desired row from a page and then
>inverse it, and it's reday to present in a graph. But since including this
>my application has started to give access violation errors and the whole
>LabView environment shuts down. I've checked the memory usage with the
>system manager, and no memory loss. The error usually occurs within the
>first 2 hours.


Sun, 08 Aug 2004 19:48:32 GMT  
 Access Violation
Hi Roger,

You have provided  alot of info but I don't think I have enough to be
able to help.
Have you tried triming things down to a small app that demonstrates
the problem? If you could post such an example I (or others) may be of
greater service.
You are doing "Read Historical Trends" are you?


Mon, 09 Aug 2004 21:00:43 GMT  
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