I want to make an OPC server using LabVIEW 
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 I want to make an OPC server using LabVIEW

It is not entirely clear to me what labview components are needed for
me to publish OPC data. I'm sure it can be done with the datalogging
and supervisory control (DSC) run time. Can it be done with a lower
cost product such as IA servers?

Sun, 29 Aug 2004 02:36:43 GMT  
 I want to make an OPC server using LabVIEW
Contact your NI sales rep, or NI tech support at ni.com/ask to find
out the answer to your question, if noone else here can help.

I have experience with DSC/BridgeVIEW, but unfortunately, didn't
really get into the detail of the OPC server to be able to help.

Also, there is a thread specifically for DSC.  Post your question
there and you may be able to get a more accurate and quicker response.

Sun, 29 Aug 2004 06:33:22 GMT  
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