The GOOP Class Repository 
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 The GOOP Class Repository

Does anyone know where I ca find detailed help for the GOOP Class
Repository VI (The GOOP Wizard automatically creates this vi)?

Sat, 30 Oct 2004 15:04:15 GMT  
 The GOOP Class Repository

The object repository in a GOOP class is responsible for creation and
destruction of objects, storing and locking the attributes of the

However, this object repository VI for each class will call a common
GOOP object repository VI that is a common code for all classes which
actually stores the attributes.

The object repository for each class will only stream the attributes
to a binary format and call the common GOOP object repository VI. This
streaming is unique for each class and that is why there has to be an
object repository for each class that has the class unique attribute
data control on its frontpanel.

The object repository is locked, not because it is "secret" (it
basically contains the VIs "Flatten to string", "Unflatten from
string" and a call to the common GOOP Object,but
because there really is no need to edit anything in the VI.

Best regards,
Mattias Ericsson
Endevo, Sweden

Sat, 30 Oct 2004 16:08:44 GMT  
 The GOOP Class Repository
Thanks for your answer Mattias, but I'm not looking to change the code
in the object repository, But to understand what each input/output
terminal does and what values the inputs can recive (For example: the
input flags), so I can build more advanced VI's than the basic
templates that the GOOP wizard creates for me. The GOOP Wizard creates
a context help for the object methods (New, Delete etc.) but not for
the Object Repository.

Best regards
Nimrod Rooz
T-Squared Thermal Technologies LTD.

Sun, 31 Oct 2004 00:55:01 GMT  
 The GOOP Class Repository
Hi again,

Actually there isn't much else to do with the object repository other
than what is happening in the private methods "Get Data To Modify",
"Set Modified Data", "Get Data","New" and "Delete" and also in the
"Inspector" that is created with the class. These VIs are open and you
can view and edit the code in these. All possible values of flags etc.
can be found there. There is no "hidden" more advanced functionality
in the object repository and I really can't see what kind of more
"advanced" VI's that is possible to build (or why you need them) other
than small variations of the private VIs mentioned above.

If you want to create more advanced templates, you may modify the .vit
files in class from which new methods are created. Endevo has also
recently launched the new GOOP Wizard 2 and with this new
class-editing-tool (uses the same GOOP class template though) is it
possible to add user-defined templates (additional .vit methods in the
class) which will be presented as an option when creating new methods.

Best regards,
Mattias Ericsson
Endevo Sweden

Sun, 31 Oct 2004 16:33:48 GMT  
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