Limitations of PCI 6024E 
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 Limitations of PCI 6024E

What are the limitations of a PCI 6024E card as regards to stepper
motor control ( motion control). Why do I need a seperate card for
motion control, why can't I control a stepper motor using a PCI 6024E
card. In short I would like to know the limitations of the stepper
motor as regards to motion control.

Mon, 18 Oct 2004 19:31:33 GMT  
 Limitations of PCI 6024E
You can use that card. I have used an Eseries card with steppers
successfully. There are two potential problems you will have to deal
with: current sourcing and timing.

Current sourcing:
The TTL outputs of the digital lines (and counter lines) of the
Eseries may not be able to supply enough current to your motor for
full torque, and are not meant to drive inductive loads. You should
use a driver stage in between, whether that be discrete components or
an IC driver stage. You shouldn't connect your digital pins directly
to the motor.

You will probably be using the digital lines to control the motor. DIO
on E series is software timed only, so you can not have real-time
control of the stepper.

I've controlled steppers directly from the Eseries port (with MOSFET
driver stages) and with a stepper motor driver IC(I don't have the
specific #). The prt solution is fairly straightforward, so I'll
describe the IC...

I connected the E-series digital port lines as the control lines of
the IC, and GPCTR0 as the clock. That way I set up how I wanted the
stepper to perform and made it run with the clock. It doesn't solve
the problem of real-time control, but it does provide a driver stage
and allow you to set up finite operations. You can use both counters
in conjunction with each other for some fairly complex gated
operations that will move the stepper to a specific angle.
The timing problem will be when you want to change the motion of the
stepper, either the direction or step mode (half or full); this is
because the control word to the digital port is software timed.

Tue, 19 Oct 2004 23:37:25 GMT  
 Limitations of PCI 6024E
Respected Sir,
It was very nice and kind of you to give a prompt and a good
explanation.Further I would like to know from you that what is the IC
you used for stepper motor control.It would be very generous of you if
you could give me some idea of the VI you made for your stepper motor
control.If it is convienient to you then you may please reply to my

H Mishra

Wed, 20 Oct 2004 17:54:42 GMT  
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