Using analog output to trigger analog input. 
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 Using analog output to trigger analog input.

I'm having some troubles with a project I am working on and appreciate
any help anybody can offer.
I am using a PCI-MIO-16E-1 card and I want to send out a short analog
output waveform everytime a point is reached in my program loop (the
output is not continuous).  I want this output to trigger an analog
aquisition on the same board.  This aquisition also is not continuous
and only lasts for the duration of the output (which is a set time, so
the AI doesn't have to rely on the AI time.) They will be operating at
different speeds and this needs to be done fairly often, but again,
only when that part of the program is reached.

All other similar help that I found was either dealing with continuous
AI or AO, or used an outside trigger.

Currently, I have the AO signal going to a different AI channel and I
am doing an analog trigger from that.  This isn't working out though
because it's an odd output signal and is causing mistriggers.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
-Tom S.

Mon, 08 Dec 2003 06:17:03 GMT  
 Using analog output to trigger analog input.
It just occurred to me now that both AI and AO can trigger on a PFI
pin: this is another way to syncronize the starting of the two
processes if you use the same PFI pin.

If you want to avoid the external pin to start the acquisition and
generation (and don't need to syncronize that event with a particular
external event), simply use AI Start for a software start and config
the AO to start on AI start trigger.


Tue, 09 Dec 2003 13:15:27 GMT  
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