Tektronix 2440 scope with 2402 Tekmate 
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 Tektronix 2440 scope with 2402 Tekmate

Hi all,

I have recently aquired a Tektronix 2440 scope with the optional
2402 Tekmate box attached to it. What I would like to do is
use this scope to grab digitized versions of the waveforms I see on
From what I have seen in the manuals, I must be missing a proprietary
software that is used to boot the 2402. Can anyone help in this

I have seen in some past postings that this grabbing can also be done
by connecting a PC to the GPIB port of the scope. Can anyone help me
that direction?


Tue, 02 Nov 2004 19:49:12 GMT  
 Tektronix 2440 scope with 2402 Tekmate
Yes you can connect a PC to your instrument via GPIB.

Some useful resources for your application are
ni.com > NI Developer Zone > Development Library > Instrument
http://search.ni.com/?col=alldocs&layout=TechResources&ql=a , to
search examples and knowledge bases

There are example VI's in labview on Instrument Connectivity. If you
go to the Help menu >> Examples.. >> I/O, you will see a couple.

You could find a LV/CVI driver for this instrument at
http://www.ni.com/devzone/idnet/default.htm .  If it's not listed
there, it leaves you with one of a couple options.  First, I would
like you to submit a request for this driver at:
We develop drivers based on demand and popularity so the more requests
we have for it, the greater the possibility that we will develop one.
If you would like to try developing your own instrument driver (or
modify the existing one), we have documentation, model instrument
drivers, and driver templates to help at :
We also have a syndicate of third party vendors that specialize in
National Instruments' products and services.  Some of the vendors
specialize in driver development.  I would suggest contacting one of
the Alliance members at:

Hope this helps.

Sat, 06 Nov 2004 02:25:27 GMT  
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