Can LabVIEW automatically login to Visual Source Safe? 
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 Can LabVIEW automatically login to Visual Source Safe?

I'm using LV 6.1 and the Source Code Control tools with MS Visual
Source Safe on the backend.  When ever I do anything (check in, check
out, etc...) the VSS login box appears.  Is there a way to get around

In browsing the VSS documentation I see that the -y option can be
passed to VSS when using the command line (I imagine this is what LV
is doing) which allows you to specify a name and password.  So is
there a way to configure LV to use it?

Or, is there an option in VSS which allows me to have it auto-login on
my machine (like how you can configure windows to auto-login a user
when it starts)?

Mon, 20 Dec 2004 02:42:35 GMT  
 Can LabVIEW automatically login to Visual Source Safe?
I generally will work outside of VSS, but I remeber correctly there
was some kind of config that I used so I did not have to login. I
think it was somewhere inside VSS that I did it.

Not at work so that I can say for now.


Mon, 20 Dec 2004 03:39:48 GMT  
 Can LabVIEW automatically login to Visual Source Safe?
Getting Closer!

I set the SSUSER environment variable to my user name and now VSS can
start without login.  Also, in labview if I set my SS configuration to
be my VSS project, it will allow me to do check in/out and all the
other stuff without logging in.  BUT, as soon as I exit and restart
labview it asks me to login for everything again until I once again go
through the configuration.

Mon, 20 Dec 2004 05:37:42 GMT  
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