gmt vs. labview daylight saving time XL 
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 gmt vs. labview daylight saving time XL

I am manipulating XL sheets with time& dates. Everything works fine
except that all XL times are in GMT (number of fractional days since
1900). No problem to jump to Mac 1904 reference, but a problem to get
rid of the daylight saving time offset without changing my Windows
setting. Is there a way to get dates and times in string readable
format from my GMT number from the time of EXCEL? In other words, can
I get the offset somewhere from windows  to adjust the number of
seconds since 1904 to eliminate this daylight offset? Not the offset
of the current time, but well the offset of the past instant from my
XL sheets.
I could do that via XL and activeX, but I suspect someone has a vi to
do the trick.
I guess the time jumps for daylight saving times lies somewhare in

Sun, 17 Apr 2005 18:23:48 GMT  
 gmt vs. labview daylight saving time XL
There is a VI called "Seconds to Date/Time."  The output of this is
"date time rec."  If you wire this into an unbundle by, you
can select the item "is DST."  This will tell you whether or not
Daylight Savings Time is being applied and you can configure your code
accordingly.  Hope this helps.

Tue, 19 Apr 2005 00:26:24 GMT  
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