Call Library Function - Function not found in library 
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 Call Library Function - Function not found in library


I am working with a .dll in labview 5.1. I finished a little program
that should give me the number of CPCI-cards in a PXI-machine. But now
i always get the error messages "Call Library Function - Function not
found in library". I know it is threated several times bfore on this
forum, but i didn't exactly find a sollution that solved my problem.
The .dll is documented and i can see the function names by opening the
dll with Quick View. I have checked (a hundred times) the names i
typed in and they are correct (=equal to manual of .dll and to Quick
View, so we can skip that).
What else could be wrong? What can i do?


Klaas Engels

Fri, 22 Aug 2003 22:56:22 GMT  
 Call Library Function - Function not found in library
I'm not sure if it's a reason, but once I had the same error. In my
case the reason was in that DLL function was actually named with
additional suffix letter "A", and then digging through MS
documentation I've found an explanation that MS uses desired function
with one or another suffix depending on usage contents and data type.
Adding that suffix was solved the problem.

This was not obvios because in DLL description there was no mentions
at all and function name was given generally, i.e. without any suffix
at all, assuming every user should be MS guru.

Fri, 22 Aug 2003 23:19:53 GMT  
 Call Library Function - Function not found in library
I used to had that problem too. For me, wiring all the inputs - even
if what I expect is an output - usually solve the problem. For
example, if one of your variables outputs a string, wire a constant
empty string as the input; if it is a number, wire a constant number
(zero is an usual input). In other words, always provide an initial
value to a variable.

Hope this help.

E. Vargas

Sat, 23 Aug 2003 09:36:46 GMT  
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