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Im wondering how is it possible to change all the attributes from the front
panel at once.

Mon, 23 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  


> Im wondering how is it possible to change all the attributes from the front
> panel at once.

You might get more answers to your question if you can be a little more detailed
about what you are attempting to do.  It may turn out that there's another way
to accomplish what you need.

Nevertheless, I'm going to guess about what you're trying to do: let's say that
you have a group of four digital indicators, and you want to simultaneously set
the background color of all four indicators to red when some alarm condition

As things currently stand with labview, it is somewhat tedious to achieve this
result if your indicators are simply on the front panel "in the clear" and are
not elements of an array.  You have to create an attribute node for each
indicator, stick them into some "check alarm" case structure on the diagram,
then select the "BG Color" attribute for each node and wire in your color of
choice.  There's no shortcut that I'm aware of, no programmatic way to access
the attribute nodes in an iterative manner.  (Mind you, this is the currently
shipping version of LabVIEW that I'm talking about--5.1.1).

One way to improve the situation is to use an array of indicators instead of
four separate indicators.  If you do this, you can simply wire your alarm color
to an attribute node for one of the elements of the array, and the color of all
elements will change.  Of course, the array of indicators might not initially
look as pretty as your four independent indicators, but with enough tweaking in
the control editor (Edit >> Edit Control), you should be able to make things
look exactly like you want them.

Hope this helps,
John Lum
National Instruments

Tue, 24 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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