How to configure 6025E board to acquire data from analog channel 0 
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 How to configure 6025E board to acquire data from analog channel 0

I wanted to aquire the analog data from ACH0 of 6025E, and display it
in waveform

signal source : floating signal source ( Transformer output)
input : Single Ended Ground Referenced (RSE)

a. how do i configure it? (as the user manual shows only the type of
configuration i can have but it didn't show how or what i should take
note of?)

b. Are there any standard vi that i can use?

thks and best reagrds

Fri, 03 Jun 2005 12:49:38 GMT  
 How to configure 6025E board to acquire data from analog channel 0

I answered this, but seems my answer didn't get posted.

You need to configure your board in NI-DAQ before you can use it in
labview, and reading some of your other posts, I'm assuming you've
done this.

NI-DAQ will let you set the type of analog input (RSE, NRSE, or
differential) as well as any gains.

In LabVIEW, there's several examples you can use in your LabVIEW

There are 3 types of acquisition you can use in this library:
non-buffered single acquisition, buffered acquisition, and continuous
buffered acquisition.

The single acquisition is a single read from the daq board, and may be
appropriate for TCs and such, as it is slow.  For a timed acquisition,
you use buffered acquisition, where the board uses an internal clock
to time the acquisition and stream it to a buffer in memory.  LabVIEW
then reads the memory to get the data.

Buffered acquisition can occur by simply filling the buffer and
reading it, or filling the buffer and reading out of it, allowing the
board to use the buffer in a "circular" pattern by overwriting data
that has already been read out of the buffer.

You can try all three types by using the following examples out of
that directory:

Acquire 1 scan from 1
Acquire N
Cont Acq&Chart (buffered).vi

You will need to specify the device number you assigned to the board
in NI-DAQ for any of these vi's, as well as the channel you wish to
scan ("0" in your case).  In the buffered acquisition vi's, you'll
have to enter a buffer size and scan rate as well.

Give those a try.


Fri, 03 Jun 2005 23:06:37 GMT  
 How to configure 6025E board to acquire data from analog channel 0
You can also take a look at some of the example programs that come
with LabVIEW.  "Cont Acq&Graph(buffered).vi" is a great one to start
with.  You will want to configure it in MAX (Measurement & Automation
Explorer) and then use this VI to acquire your samples.

Sat, 04 Jun 2005 02:44:15 GMT  
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