How to change the type of Case selector 
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 How to change the type of Case selector


I'm running LV 6i on NT4.0.

I have a Case structure with several strings as cases, lets say stringA
(Standard), stringB, stringC, stringD and so on.
So my Case selector is of type string. That works fine so far.
Now I want to change that structure from StringType to EnumType, so I would
have cases CaseA(Standard), CaseB, CaseC and CaseD. So I want to change the
slector type to Enum and associate the former string cases to Enum cases.

1. I wired an Enum constant to my string selector, and tried to assign a
case for each enum, the machine crashes.

2. I duplicated each string case and tried to assign the duplicated to the
enum, the mashine crashed.

Is there a way to do this, without deleting the case structure, or starting
a copy paste orgie?

Oliver Friedrich

Tue, 28 Sep 2004 16:20:47 GMT  
 How to change the type of Case selector
Something very strange is going on. I have tried what you explained in
V6.0.2 running under W2K and all is well with the world. Can you post
the VI that's doing it and let me play with it? Perhaps I might see
something. In the mean time, it might be that the VI is corrupted and
you'll have to rebuild it. This is a very rare circumstance with LV,
but it can happen--especially when the computer crashes.

Have you upgraded to 6.0.2. If not that's another thing to try. The
upgrade is free and can be downloaded from NI's website.


Wed, 29 Sep 2004 05:22:21 GMT  
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