GPIB cannot detect my instrument 
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 GPIB cannot detect my instrument


> So I have two questions: 1. What is the difference of the address of a GPIB
> board(controller) and a GPIB device? 2. How can I set the listenning state or
> is it necessary?

> Thanks for help.

> --Annie

There are several things going on here that you need to be aware of:
The GPIB board in your computer is called (normally ) the System Controller.
This is normally set to address 0. This board is also (normally) the Controller
In Charge (CIC). This is were all of the GPIB activity starts.
Since you can have more than one instrument on the bus, each one
has to have a unique address. These are in the range of 1 - 30.

Some suggestions:
1) Change the address of the instrument to something other than 1. (try 5 for
     on some controllers 1 is reserved.
2) On the instrument make sure it is set to talk/ listen (or similar)
Most instruments have several  states : Talk Only (CIC) , talk/listen and off
bus (off line).

3) Make sure you are using a GPIB board (in the computer) from NI. labview may
or may not work with
GPIB boards from other venodrs

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