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 VISA Compatibility

Hello All,

Pardon the breech of netiquette, but I have cut'n'pasted a response to a
similar question on natinst.public.gpib.general:

Subject:  Re: labview and HPIB
Date       Mon, 19 Jun 2000 11:23:57 -0500

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Donald/Rab, Mike, et al:

It is true that you can have only one VISA on a system.  However, with
NI-VISA 2.5, you can use NI-VISA to access Agilent/HP controllers (such as
HPIB) as well as NI controllers (such as PCI-GPIB).

If all you have is the HP card, your 2 choices are:
1) Uninstall NI-VISA, and install Agilent/HP VISA.  Use the VISA icons in
LabVIEW and it will work.
2) Install Agilent/HP SICL but not their VISA.  Install NI-VISA 2.5
(currently in beta) and see the readme.txt.

Good luck with LabVIEW and your GPIB system!  If you choose option #2, let
me know if you have any problems.

Dan Mondrik
Senior Software Engineer, VISA
National Instruments


> > Hi there,
> > I would like to know about VISA compatibility when using National
> > Instruments NI-488.2 GPIB cards and HP's HP-IB cards.
> >..... are they the same? Or any difference or incompatibility
> among
> > them?

> > thanks,
> > ManiK

> Hello Manik,

> I work with National Instruments in helping people with their
> instrumentation needs. I did a search on our technical support webpage
> and found the answer to your question.

> The hardware manufacturer of the controller installed in the computer
> must match the VISA provider (e.g. NI-VISA can only be used with NI
> hardware). So, you must use NI-VISA with an AT-GPIB board and HP-VISA
> with an HP-IB controller.

> However, the VISA Spec 1.1allows for interoperability at the GPIB-VXI
> level, such that HP's 1406 could be used with the AT-GPIB, or NI's
> GPIB-VXI/C could be used with HP's HPIB card. The DLLs are attached that
> need to be installed if using the HPE-1406 or Command Module. One for
> Win16, one for Win32. Put these in the \VXIpnp\win\bin and
> \VXIpnp\win95\bin or \VXIpnp\winnt\bin directories, respectively.

> If running Win3.1, don't forget to go into VISAconf and tell it where to
> find HP's GPIB-VXI if it is at any primary address other than 1 (HP's
> default is 9).

> If running Win95/98/NT, don't forget to go into T&M Explorer and tell it
> where to find HP's GPIB-VXI if it is at any primary address other than 1
> (HP's default is 9).

> By the way, there is a problem with NI-VISA 1.2 loading the HP GPIB-VXI
> DLL that has been fixed for VISA 2.0. One workaround is to put the HP
> 1406 at primary address 1 (instead of its default of 9).

> If you have further questions, please let us know via phone or email.

> Best Regards,
> Monico Reyna
> National Instruments
> Technical/Sales Representative
> 1-800-433-3488 x30133

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> Share what you know. Learn what you don't.

Best Regards,
Mike T

Mike Tranchemontagne
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