Executeable created with LabView 6.0.2 won't work with Runtime 6.1 
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 Executeable created with LabView 6.0.2 won't work with Runtime 6.1


I've got here labview 6.0.2 Installed for developement under Windows
NT4. I've Compiled the Project and loaded the .exe-file on a Box with
Win98 with the LabView Runtime 6.1 installed.
The Executeable told me then, that the wron Version of the Runtime is
installed. Is it really true, that i can't run exes, created with 6.0.2
on LV RT 6.1?!?
Or what could be the reason for my problem?

thank you and bye


Sat, 29 Oct 2005 21:30:38 GMT  
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