Read analog Data; MIO 16DE 
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 Read analog Data; MIO 16DE


I want to read Data from the analog Input of a MIO-16DE-10 under labview

What happens:
- Hardware installed: OK
- Configured with NI-DAQ-Configuration Utility 6.0: OK
   Device 1;  0 to 10V; NRSE
- Analog Input on ACH0 to ACH3 with 0V (ground) conntected to AIGND
   Input signal: 0-5V DC.

 - Reading analog inputs with NI-DAQ-Test-Panels seems to be OK
 - Reading analog inputs with Labview examples (eg:
    LabVIEW\examples\daq\anlogin\anlogin.llb\Acquire 1 Point
    or LabVIEW\examples\daq\anlogin\anlogin.llb\Acquire&Process N
    doesnt work.
    In both cases the read signal will run against the upper limit (10V
see above)
    (Acquire 1 Point: Started several times)

First I thought it could be a hardware problem, but then the test-panel
wouldnt run well!?

Do you have an idea?

 Thanks very much!
    Wilfried Ruhe

Wed, 11 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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