Analog Output Being Delay by Waveform Aquisition 
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 Analog Output Being Delay by Waveform Aquisition

If you save your VI in V6.0 format I'll be glad to look at it, but
from what you are describing it sounds like the two functions should
be executing in parallel, but you have them logically serialized in
some way. Try turning on execution highlighting. It will show you the
logical order things are being executed in.


Mon, 31 Oct 2005 08:56:22 GMT  
 Analog Output Being Delay by Waveform Aquisition
I have been working on other problems, and I just came to this.  In
viewing the execution highlighting what you are saying seems to be
correct -- how can specify that elements execute at the same time.

Are there other options.  I am using a timed while loop that controls
both the analog output and the data aquisition.  I need the analog
output to turn off after a specified time, however, since the number
of data points I am using is large, this delays the specified time for
the entire loop.  Can I isolate the analog output so that it turns
off(i.e. set it back to zero) after the exact specified time, and
leave the data aquisition as it is.  A delay in the calculation of
data and writing it to a file is not a problem, however, the delay in
the change of my analog output is.


Mon, 07 Nov 2005 06:34:15 GMT  
 Analog Output Being Delay by Waveform Aquisition
Again, it's kind of hard to say without seeing the structure of your
code. However, one way of ensuring parallel operation is to put the
two processes in parallel loops. In this way they are in no sence
dependent upon the operation of each other.


Mon, 07 Nov 2005 12:44:48 GMT  
 Analog Output Being Delay by Waveform Aquisition
There are a few comments I would make about your code that, taken
together, will help your problems.

First, it's good that you are using error clusters, however you don't
have them connected to the routines that really need them: The DAQ
VIs. The routines you are using probibly don't have error outputs so
you will need to create versions that do.

Second, move the modified analog output routines outside the while
loops and use the error clusters to ensure that they are execute
before the loops start.

Third, instead of using two different acquisition operations to read
the two channels, use one. This way the two input channels will be
read at the same time. For more info look for examples of multichannel
acquisition in the examples that ship with LV.

This should get you started in the right direction. If you have
specific questions on how to implement these steps, let me know.


Thu, 10 Nov 2005 02:02:54 GMT  
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