Preventing using files from a previous project 
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 Preventing using files from a previous project

Hello Alain

>   When I develop on my machine I started using VIs from previous projects to
> build new projects.  The previous VIs are sometimes using global variables
> located in a file in this previous project directory.  The new project will
> find this global file and will report no error.  When variables bear the same
> names, such as STATE, and STATE is again found in the new global variable
> files, this may lead to some bugs.  Also, when installing the project on
> another machine, the previous global is not found.

>   Apart from not using globals, what is the way to get around this problem?

The best you can do is copy the complete old project to a new name and
also rename the old project. labview will search at the old location
(that does not exist anymore) and starts searching below the new main
Normally it finds the code.
You then save all vi's again and the name(location) of all vi's
including the globals is updated.
You now may safely rename the old project to the old name if you wish.

>   Also, since I'm here, I have a few other questions:

>   1) How to close all of a project files in one operation?

Use exit from labview deep down in the file menu

>   2) How to remove all breakpoints from a project in a single operation?

I do not know !

> Thanks,

> Alain

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Mon, 09 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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