Has anyone had experience with Sixtrack hardware and Labview 
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 Has anyone had experience with Sixtrack hardware and Labview

I am attempting to access Sixtrack hardware from labview 6.0.2 using
LabView as a DDE Client and the Sixtrack Software as the DDE Server.
I am having trouble keeping the communication between my LabView
program and Sixtrack software alive.  Please respond with any
information about Sixtrack or DDE problems / solutions in LabView.

Mon, 01 Dec 2003 04:29:07 GMT  
 Has anyone had experience with Sixtrack hardware and Labview

Can the Sixtrack Software function as an ActiveX server?
Communication from LabVIEW to other software programs is MUCH easier
with ActiveX than with DDE...that's why there are so many more
resources out there for LabVIEW and ActiveX than for LabVIEW and DDE.
Nevertheless, there are some examples on the NI website for DDE
communication with LabVIEW, if you haven't seen them already.

Also, I did a cursory web search for "sixtrack labview" (without the
quotes) and found about five hits, some of which seemed like they
might be able to help...at least you could get contact information for
people that have worked with Sixtrack hardware and LabVIEW before.

I hope one of these suggestions helps you with your application.  Good
luck, and have a good day.

Darren Nattinger
Applications Engineer
National Instruments

Tue, 02 Dec 2003 01:46:43 GMT  
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