Save Data to Memory about ActiveX in LabView 
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 Save Data to Memory about ActiveX in LabView

Hello Everybody,

I want to use an ActiveX Method, which save Data into Memory. The proplem
is, this Method want to have an pointer to an Memory place where the data
can be saved.

I tried to get an pointer of an labview-Array over a C-DLL, give this
pointer to the ActiveX Method, which could save the data. But this dosen't
work. I don't know what's the problem, maybe the ActiveX Method isn't
allowed to save Data in Memory which is allocated from Labview.
Have somebody an idea what to do?
Or an other suggestion to solve such an Problem?

Thanks a lot


Mon, 29 Sep 2003 17:33:12 GMT  
 Save Data to Memory about ActiveX in LabView

> If low-level programming is your issue, you can use the Out Port
> function that lets you write in the register address.

Sorry I forgott, I'm using LabView with NT4.0 so the OutPort Function
doesn't work.
And if I use Win 98 How do I know to which register address I should write,
the data I want to transfer are about 20Kbyte, and this in a loop maybe
10-20 times a second.

Thank you for your answer


Sat, 04 Oct 2003 14:56:05 GMT  
 Save Data to Memory about ActiveX in LabView

> This seems an awfully hard way to get data into an array.  Why not
> just load the data from a file into the array?  If the data is in
> memory, how about saving the data to disk first, then loading in
> labview into the array?

> Jared

Hello Jared,

the idea is good, but the problem is I have to do this in a loop, maybe
10-20 times a second. And the PC have to do a lot of other things, too. So I
wan't to avoid an overhead for File I/O.
Do you have an other idea?

Many thanks for your answer


Sat, 04 Oct 2003 15:06:44 GMT  
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