IMAQ VISION toolkit without IMAQ hardware 
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 IMAQ VISION toolkit without IMAQ hardware

I posted this earlier but accidentally sent it to the wrong forum.  To
those concerned I apologize for the double post.

I am processing images over a USB 2.0 port using third-party drivers
and labview Pro 6.1.

The IMAQ Vision literature I have read talks about many features I
have been contemplating developing in LabView such as Zoom features,
Region of Interest overlays, and, most importantly, screen display at
+ 60Hz.

However, I will not be using IMAQ hardware or drivers, and am having
much trouble finding in the literature on how the IMAQ vision toolkit
will help me if at all.

Will the IMAQ Vision toolkit work with a third-party driver, thereby
greatly reducing my programming development time?

Are there any features that with my third-party hardware are only
accessible with this Vision library and not through intense
programming in LabView Pro 6.1 without this toolkit?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience with these

Thank you,
Brett Kornfeld

Tue, 26 Jul 2005 10:27:36 GMT  
 IMAQ VISION toolkit without IMAQ hardware
Hi Brett,

the IMAQ Vision toolkit is a complete set of functions for image
If you want to use it with third-party drivers you only need that the
drivers return the image numeric data (pixmap), either as a flattened
pixmap (1D array) or as a 2D array pixmap. I presume this could be
achieved by a proper call to the driver's library, normally a Dll. You
have to refer to its documentation.
Once you get the pixmap, you can easily convert it to an IMAQ image
and use all the IMAQ functions.

If you are interested you can get a freeware library to deal with USB
cam in LabVIEW here:

I have tested it and it works!
Further, there is already embedded a function {*filter*} Flat to
that converts a flattened pixmap to an IMAQ image.

Let me know if you need more informations.

Good luck,

Tue, 26 Jul 2005 18:16:26 GMT  
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