How can I use USB interface in Labview? 
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 How can I use USB interface in Labview?


Does labview allow to USB interface?

I have been seen allowing GPIB and RS232.

I'm beginer at Labview and wanna use USB interface for my target system and pc.

I wanna know how to labview interfaces from target system to pc.

And if Labview doesn't provide USB interface module, how can I use USB?

Is using a USB at Labview hard to beginer?

Plz, answer to my quetion.

sorry, my English is very poor.

thx for reading my article.

Mon, 05 Sep 2005 12:05:36 GMT  
 How can I use USB interface in Labview?
You can access devices connected to the USB port, but not in the same
way as you would a GPIB or RS232 device. There are no USB drivers like
there is VISA for GPIB or serial. Rather devices that plug into the
USB appear to the systen as some sort of standard resource like a
printer, disk drive or IO board. LabVIEW then interacts with these
devices as it would any other device of the same type.Look at it this
way, if you have a USB daq device you will access it through MAX the
same as if it were a plugin card.     Mike...

Mon, 05 Sep 2005 12:48:58 GMT  
 How can I use USB interface in Labview?
Do not look at USB as an equivalent to the serial protocol.  It is
more inline with ISA and PCI buses.  There is not a specific protocol
for USB communications like there is for RS-232.  Because of this the
manufacturer of the USB device will need to supply a DLL (driver) for
the specific device.  You will interface with the USB device in
LabVIEW by making specific function calls to the DLL in a Call Library
Function Node.  The format of the function calls need to be supplied
by the organization the created the DLL.

Wed, 07 Sep 2005 00:27:51 GMT  
 How can I use USB interface in Labview?
Hello Kang,

we use USB to RS232 devices with Labtops running LabVIEW runtimes.
Since the USB to RS232 devices appear to LabVIEW as additional COM
ports, it is easy to use them with the VISA (serial) vis.

Greetings from Germany

Wed, 07 Sep 2005 00:58:18 GMT  
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