Digital/Analog Output with Labview 
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 Digital/Analog Output with Labview

How to send digital/analog signals from labview?
How to communicate with parralel or serial port in Labview?

Sat, 01 Jan 2005 02:29:49 GMT  
 Digital/Analog Output with Labview
Here's part of your answer:-
For Serial communications use either the VISA-Serial VIs (recommended)
or the IO compatibility Serial VIs.

Sat, 01 Jan 2005 03:02:55 GMT  
 Digital/Analog Output with Labview
Serial communications - Have a look at the (believe its in
the NI web libraries) for examples of serial communications. Be aware
that some serial devices need a "\r" at the end of their command
string to actually send out data - apparently Labview does a "\n"
instead of a "\r" command. The may need a short additional
wait state (30 ms or so) added to the case statements (and additional
step at the end) if it needs to run in a continuous mode.  Good luck!
Dave Felt

Sat, 01 Jan 2005 04:13:45 GMT  
 Digital/Analog Output with Labview
Usually, for digital/analog output you need to buy a specialized card
to do the job (the type depends on your application specifics and
parameters). Some digital related applications (especially those
without timing constraints) may be solved via parallel port. For this
kind of application and also for communication with parallel port,
Individual Bits for the Parallel Data Port Using LabVIEW</a>
the Parallel Port as an Input/Output Channel</a>
the Parallel Port in LabVIEW</a>

As a start point for serial communication, check LV
folder\examples\instr\smplserl.llb and
Communication Starting Point</a>
Communication General Concepts</a>

Good Luck

Sat, 01 Jan 2005 06:04:28 GMT  
 Digital/Analog Output with Labview
You need something that LabView can talk to which produces the outputs
and inputs to a module - either one of the excellent LabView I/O
modules, or from other companies (like in Canada - an
excellent A/D I/O card that talks serially to a PC).  The LabView
modules have VIs already prepared for them, and modules from other
manufacturers may or may not have VIs written - if not, you get to
write your own VIs to communicate either via the parallel port, or the
serial port, out to the I/O module(s). Learning how to write VIs from
scratch is a steep learning curve; Good Luck and have fun!

Sat, 01 Jan 2005 07:24:28 GMT  
 Digital/Analog Output with Labview
If you are looking to get a data acquisition board (what you will want
to send digital/analog signals from LabVIEW), the following link is
probably a good place to start.  It will take you to NI's
multifunction DAQ boards which will have both digital and analog I/O.
As mentioned in a post above, using NI's hardware will make the
integration into LabVIEW much easier.

Sun, 02 Jan 2005 00:59:10 GMT  
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