Labview 6.1 problems with VISA when running application executable 
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 Labview 6.1 problems with VISA when running application executable

I created stand-alone application (.exe) which communicates to serial
port. The problem is that I get error when trying to launch it: "Error
1073807343 at VISA write:Insufficient location information or the
device or resource is not present in the system."
There is labview RTE 6.1 and NI-VISA 2.60 RTE installed. I don't use
any other VISA drivers which might be incompatible (there is only
NI-VISA RTE v2.6 installed). The same problem occurs on different PCs
running Win98SE and Win2000 operating systems.
On Labview development system everything works just fine. Does anybody
have any ideas, what is wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Mon, 26 Sep 2005 01:49:53 GMT  
 Labview 6.1 problems with VISA when running application executable
I've seen this happen when the program uses a VISA resource name of
"Com1" instead of "ASRL::1". Com1 is an alias whereas ASRL::1 is the
actual VISA name of serial port #1. I don't believe that just
installing VISA RTE will create the aliases. If that's the case, you
can change your program to use the actual VISA resource name instead
of the alias or install a visaconf.ini file with the alias names in
it. The file (on a WinNT/2K/XP machine) should be in

Mon, 26 Sep 2005 03:21:07 GMT  
 Labview 6.1 problems with VISA when running application executable
Thanks! You helped me a lot. The problem was really related to VISA
resource names. On non-development PCs there were no aliases defined
inf visaconf.ini [Aliases] section,  that's why I experienced
difficulties to get my application working. VISA resource name on
front panel of my appl. was named "COM1", and it had to be changed to
ASRL1::INSTR in order to fix the problem. Indeed, VISA RTE does not
create aliases itself.

Mon, 26 Sep 2005 04:29:00 GMT  
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