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 MatLab script


I experience some problems, when I try to use a MatLab script. The
script does indeed execute, as I am able to plot the data within the
MatLab script, and the variables are available in the MatLab prompt.

However, the MatLab script is not able to return the data to my VI.
I get this error:
Code: 1048
Source: Failed to get variable ">OUTPUT VARIABLE<" from script server.
in >VI<.vi

I use to following software:
Windows NT 4.0, service pack 3
labview 5.1
MatLab 5.2 - network license (does it matter?)

I have a single VI, which does not return an error, but if I change the
MatLab script, it will. Even the examples, which is destributed with
LabVIEW returns an error.

Can anybody tell me what is wrong??

Rasmus Christiansen

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Sun, 13 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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