I am having a problem configuring my DAQ to generate continous waveforms 
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 I am having a problem configuring my DAQ to generate continous waveforms

Hi, im having a problem generating continous waveforms from my DAQ.
The setup Im using is windows 98 and the ATMIO-E1 card.

Every time i try to output a continous waveform, it gives me the
-10452 error, it has something to do to the interrupts.  So i thought
that something must be conflicting.  So i check, and nothing is. But i
also notice that  under my system resources for the DAQ, there is NO
interrupt channel specified.  I cant figure out how to specify this
interrupt.  I have even uninstalled and re-installed the software, and
still, no interrupt.  How can i solve this?  thanks for your time

Mon, 27 Oct 2003 22:49:36 GMT  
 I am having a problem configuring my DAQ to generate continous waveforms
Most probably your system is running low on IRQ channels. If you don't
plan to use COM ports, parallel port, you can disable the IRQ that are
used by those ports.

To do that,take the DAQ board out, go to BIOS when the PC is starting
up, look for integrated prepherals or integrated devices in BIOS
setup. Under that you will see COM ports set to "Auto" change them to
"disabled" and that would free up the IRQs (one each). Save settings
and exit. Reboot the machine and insert the DAQ card in. Upon
detection by the OS, the OS should assign the freed up IRQs to the DAQ
board as needed and you should be good to go.
Hope this helps

A Rafiq
National Instruments

Tue, 28 Oct 2003 02:25:29 GMT  
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