labview 7 index waveform array by channel name string 
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 labview 7 index waveform array by channel name string

I was messing around with the index array waveform function with a
waveform array(3 elements). I had used the set waveform attribute vi
with the name input set to "Channel Name." The index waveform array
function would not return any data when I was passing a particular
channel name to it. Inside the vi I noticed that the name input has to
have the format "NI_ChannelName" to match the string constant. Is this
explained in the documentation anywhere?? Wouldn't it be more useful
to make this string constant a string control input that we wired data
into?? Then we could index the waveform array based on any name input
that we set with the waveform attribute function.

Sun, 20 Nov 2005 08:21:28 GMT  
 labview 7 index waveform array by channel name string
The online help does toak about this a little.  Under WDT Index
Channel by Name you can read the information for channel name (channel
name is the channel name of the waveform to extract from waveform
array. To use this input, the waveform must have a channel name
attribute. If you are using a virtual channel, you do not have to set
the channel name attribute manually).

If you read about setting waveform attribute online help it states
that channel name attribute is in the form of NI_ChannelName.

Mon, 21 Nov 2005 00:13:39 GMT  
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