DAQ-1200 Digital I/O and ANALOG I/O needed 
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 DAQ-1200 Digital I/O and ANALOG I/O needed

Hi I need some examples how to work with the daq-1200 in labview.
Digital and analog I/O.
thanks in advance

Tue, 14 Dec 2004 02:25:52 GMT  
 DAQ-1200 Digital I/O and ANALOG I/O needed

I presume you are using the NI PCI-1200 card. If you are using this
card you can find several examples for this in your LabVIEW shipping

To be specific you can make a search in your LabVIEW find examples
section. Making a search for 1200 would return a couple of Analog I/O

For the digital examples you can make a search for 8255, since the DIO
circuitry on these cards has an 82C55A integrated circuit.

For counter/timer examples make a search for 8253(this board uses a
8253/54 counter timer chip).

You can also find several other example for the 1200 card on the NI
developer zone page at :
by making a search for 1200 using the software setting as LabVIEW and
hardware as DAQ.

Hope this helps.
Pravin Borade
Applications Engineer, National Instruments

Wed, 15 Dec 2004 01:57:10 GMT  
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