Q: overflow error at AI Buffer Read 
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 Q: overflow error at AI Buffer Read

Hi, LVers,

I'm using an AT-MIO-16X DAQ board to acquire data from a chemical
instrument, 1500 scans(points) /each spectrum. An overflow error (error
code: 10845) often takes place after acquiring 3000-5000 spetra. The
error reporter says "the driver could not read data from the device fast
enough to keep up with the device throughput".

The current configurations are:
-PII 200 computer with Win98
-Acquisition Rate 80 KHZ
-Buffer size: 1500
-memory for buffer: "allocate host computer memory"

I tried to fix it by reducing the Acq Rate to 20 KHZ(looks slow) but
still the same error. Also tried by increasing buffer size to 3000, but
a little too slow and still the same error.

What's the key factor, or if else, in this case? How to fix it by a easy

Thanks in advance.

G. Chen
Ohio University, Athens, OH
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Mon, 30 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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