synchronizing digital output and analog data acquisition 
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 synchronizing digital output and analog data acquisition

I need to synchronize digital output and analog data acquisition so
that the digital output is the trigger for initiating data
acquisition. The whole operation should require no outside devices so
that use of the digital port on the board is the trigger for analog
data acquisition on the same board. I am using labview6.0 and an
AT-MIO-16E-1 board.
Does anyone have any advice?


Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:24:41 GMT  
 synchronizing digital output and analog data acquisition
Hi Jon,
 thers is an example in Lv for digital triggering an analog
You can find it at:
See the vi help that gives a complete description.
For your task you should add a simply digital output routine ( there
are many examples) and make the proper connections.

Good luck,

Mon, 13 Oct 2003 00:49:12 GMT  
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