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 serial port in labview


 I have a question about working with the serial port in labview. I
know about existing VIs that write strings to and read strings from
the serial port. But is it possible to control each pin?
For example:
Is it possible to implement the following BASIC-Code in LabVIEW:

OUT &H3FC, (&H1 OR INP (&H3FC))

Thanks in advance,

Tue, 01 Mar 2005 15:20:41 GMT  
 serial port in labview
Not being familiar with the BASIC code you present, it's not clear to
me what is meant by "...control each pin?".  (Since RS232 serial only
has two data pins - one for Tx and one for Rx) If you are talking
about contolling and monitoring DTR, CTS etc. - LabVIEW's serial VISA
functions do this quite no problem.  Also, if you are wanting to
write/read raw HEX data rather than string values, LabVIEW can do this
as well.  You make your HEX data in the form of a byte (U8) array,
then use the "Byte Array to String" function to do a data type
conversion just before inputing it into the serial function.

I think you will find LabVIEW's serial capability to be very
extensive, flexible and quite efficient - especially if you are using
the latest NI-VISA drivers.

Tue, 01 Mar 2005 19:07:30 GMT  
 serial port in labview
The truth is, I also don't know how the mentioned BASIC-Code exactly
works. I found an old data-acquisition board for the RS232-interface
and the only information (about controlling and using the board) I
got, was a short piece of BASIC Code.

Now I want to write a VI for reading and processing the data that are
aquired by the board.
I'm going to try some of the VISA-VIs.
Thanks for your advice.


Wed, 02 Mar 2005 23:23:22 GMT  
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