"Information about the front panel of "Measure frequency 
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 "Information about the front panel of "Measure frequency


This VI measures the frequency of a repeating square wave using two
counters. The chosen counter counts rising edges of the square wave.
The gating counter controls or gates the chosen counter for a
specified interval.

The source and gate controls allow the user to conveniently select
from PFI lines, Internal Timebases, RTSI lines, and Miscellaneous
(like other counters) for source and gate origins.  For instance, if
you select Internal Timebase, 20 MHz in the Source Specification and
if you select a default PFI Line in the Gate Selection , a Timebase
signal of 20MHz  will be used as the source of the counter and the
gate  will come from the default PFI line.   Now, regarding measure
specs, all they do is set up the delay and the pulse duration  for the
pulse generated in counter-1.

To see more detailed information, you can go to the labview Contents
and Index and search for Counter Set Attribute.

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