Can HP82335 HPIB card work under Labview? 
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 Can HP82335 HPIB card work under Labview?

I want to know if labview support HP82335 HPIB card.Because I was told
that it does not work in
paper about 82335 working under Labview VISL in NI Developer Zone. I
am puzzled.

Fri, 05 Nov 2004 12:26:58 GMT  
 Can HP82335 HPIB card work under Labview?
Kindly refer, <a
Can I Use an HPIB Board with LabVIEW?

I would recommend using GPIB and LV for seamless integration since
they are both National Instrument products.

Some useful resources for your application are > NI Developer Zone > Development Library > Instrument
Connectivity , to
search examples and knowledge bases

Sat, 06 Nov 2004 02:46:52 GMT  
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