how to use AI acquire for continuous acquisition 
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 how to use AI acquire for continuous acquisition


Check the examples that ship with labview for some insight into
continuous acquisition.

Good luck.

Sun, 06 Feb 2005 03:12:01 GMT  
 how to use AI acquire for continuous acquisition
Helleo Labviewguru,

Yes, I did tried to see those examples but I could not display on a
chart nor store to an array and save to a spreadsheet file when I used
the AI, AI and the AI a while loop).
Can you please help me with this.

Thank you in advance.

Sun, 06 Feb 2005 03:38:29 GMT  
 how to use AI acquire for continuous acquisition
Check out the reply I gave on your other thread.


Mon, 07 Feb 2005 03:14:50 GMT  
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