Doing continuos integration using Labview 
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 Doing continuos integration using Labview

I am using labview 4.1, but I think this
is irrelevant.

I am using the Integral VI in the
Digital Signal Processing to do
the integration. In the test program
I am trying to perform
continuos integration of some
The signal generator uses sample sizes of 128 and the integration
reset the integrated value to 0
every 128 samples.

What I want is to have the integration
accumulate the integrated value
across interation of the loop.

How should I do that ? Labview does not
allow the output of the integrator to be fed
back to an adder which connect to its input.

Wed, 12 Nov 2003 03:28:01 GMT  
 Doing continuos integration using Labview
Have you tried using shift registers? That way you can wire the output
to the input, just right click on the while loop edge and select add
shift register, the value in the right will be passed to the left for
the next iteration.
Hope this helps

Wed, 12 Nov 2003 03:54:20 GMT  
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