C++/Functional Language Integration Thesis available 
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 C++/Functional Language Integration Thesis available

Hi there,
this may be of interest for those of you who are curious about
integrating a functional language with C++, and the interesting
possibilities that arise out of that e.g. for concurrent execution.
It's my MSc thesis done last year.

                   A Functional Language Interpreter
                integrated into the C++ Language System


A coding-level interface between a calling C++ program and a
functional language interpreter acting as runtime system is
presented. The components communicate via a streams-abstraction
whose operators are type-polymorphic and support automatic
extension for user-defined types. The implementation
uses semaphores for synchronisation and novel shared memory string
streams for interprocess communication, resulting in low response
times, no redundant data copying and -- as opposed to Unix pipes --
zero operating system kernel overhead during fast data transfer.
The integrated system -- called fl++ -- allows for rapid
prototyping and algorithm development in the functional language
domain, while providing easy system and library access, optimisation
capacity and
conventional programming in the C++ domain. Several application
scenarios are possible, including plain functional programming
with calls to C++, plain C++ programming with a runtime functional
language `calculator', fully joint systems, and an environment for
concurrent execution.


Just send me an email and I'll send you the file in uuencoded
compressed or better, gzip'ed postscript. I'll put it onto the robots
ftp server if several people are interested. Please note that the code
is not officially released, and is only for serious hackers.


Wed, 25 Sep 1996 05:16:16 GMT  
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