How to evaluate SW 
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 How to evaluate SW

Hi everyone,
I am working on an applied research project on software quality, and I
ask the cooperation of the Net.  I will post the result of
my queries asap. Please mail directly to me, not to waste bandwidth.

My field of interest is measuring the quality of applications.  That
means answering to some questions, such as "are there any goto's?",
rating the answers, hashing results with some {*filter*} software and saying
"good usability, bad maintainability" and so forth.

What I need are the questions. There are some lists in literature, but
they are not specific for a technologic area.

I ask you: from your experience and judgement, what things would you
check (which questions would you ask) to determine whether a program
or a piece of documentation in the area of functional programming is:

        - meeting its original requirements (accurate, interoperable,
          conforming to standards, keeping privacy)
        - reliable (mature, error tolerant, recoverable)
        - usable by actual people (understandable, teachable, easy to use)
        - efficient
        - maintainable (readable, modifiable, stable, testable)
        - portable (customisable,installable,platform-independent)

This is a kind of worldwide brainstorm, so diversity is welcome!
I think that self-consciousness of the Net on quality attributes
and measurements is of general utility, and I dare ask you a few
minutes of your time. I will quote the names of all people who do not
ask to remain anonymous. Of course, indirect pointers to publications,
ftp-accessible archives, FAQ lists and the like are equally welcome.

Thanks for reading this message.


Andrea Spinelli                         tel     +39-35-307322
ISMES SpA                               fax     +39-35-211191

24123 Bergamo BG                        "Truth hurts, but pimples more so!"

Mon, 06 Nov 1995 22:52:46 GMT  
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