Beginner's help need on ML 
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 Beginner's help need on ML

   Well, the three languages that have been suggested so far are
Miranda, ML, and Haskell for me to attempt to learn.  Miranda
and Haskell are perhaps more closely related as they are
both lazy evaluative languages.   I have chosen ML for the follwing

  -- Miranda is proprietary, and I don't have money to
     go and buy my own software when there are free
     mostly-functional languages around.

  -- The Yale Haskell compiler is not out yet.

  -- I have the ML Primer (a pretty good introductory book on
     ML by Stansifer) to aid me with learning about ML.

  -- There appears to be more support (isn't there some sort of
     emacs de{*filter*}?) for ML.

  -- If I finally decide that lazy languages are the way to go,
     the transition shouldn't be so difficult.

   I have ftp'ed the Standard ML of New Jersey code and the question
is very simple (for those who know the answer, of course).   Once
you go through the entire process of getting the source code
and the proper code for the architecture, and once a "makeml"
command is done, an executable file called "sml" is created.
The question is whether just "sml" by itself is the only part
I need, or do I need other files, etc.  Basically, since I
plan to keep this in my own directory, I would prefer to keep
the minimum files needed once SML has been made.  If someone
knows the amount of disk space the minimum amount of stuff
is needed, please let me know.

   Later on, I would like to find out how to use ML within emacs.

   The ftp locations of any interesting documentation, uses,
etc. (analogous to the stuff you find with in the Haskell
directory) would be useful as well, though I could probably
hunt around as far as that is concerned.

   E-mail responses as the kind of responses would probably not
be interesting to the rest of the readers of this group.  Thanks
in advance.

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Wed, 04 Jan 1995 10:03:58 GMT  
 Beginner's help need on ML


> The question is whether just "sml" by itself is the only part
> I need, or do I need other files, etc.

Yes; you can throw away everything but "sml".

                                --Andrew Koenig

Thu, 05 Jan 1995 00:17:13 GMT  
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