CFP: SIPL '95 Workshop on State in Programming Languages 
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 CFP: SIPL '95 Workshop on State in Programming Languages

                         Call for Papers

                The Second ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on
               STATE in Programming Languages (SIPL)

                            Jan 22, 1995
                           San Francisco
                  Held in conjunction with POPL '95

Programming languages have been state-based since their inception.
After a period of relative unpopularity, when research focused on
declarative languages, interest in the treatment of state has been
renewed.  Research is increasingly devoted to finding a symbiotic
relationship between the semantic foundations of declarative languages
and the pragmatic handling of state in more conventional languages.
This workshop brings together researchers from various areas,
interested in the common issues of state manipulation in high-level
programming languages.

The first workshop in this series (SIPL '93) was held in Copenhagen in
conjunction with FPCA '93.  The proceedings are available as a Yale
technical report YALEU/DCS/RR-968.  A special issue of the Journal of
Lisp and Symbolic Computation is being published as a follow-up to
SIPL '93.

Submissions are invited for the second workshop to be held in
conjunction with POPL '95 in San Francisco.

The workshop addresses the fundamental issues of expressing,
manipulating, and reasoning about state in high-level programming
languages.  The range of topics includes operational and denotational
models of state, assignment and references, semantics of object-
oriented programming, calculi of state and methods to reason about
state.  Novel methods for expressing and controlling state-
manipulation such as linear type systems, effect systems, and monads
are also of interest.  Formal presentations of results, research in
progress, tutorials, and topical discussions are among the possible
venues for interaction.

Program Committee:

  Stephen Brookes, Carnegie-Mellon University
  Kim Bruce, Williams College
  John Launchbury, Glasgow University and Oregon Graduate Institute
  Ian Mason, Stanford University
  Peter O'Hearn, Syracuse University
  Andrew Pitts, Cambridge University
  Uday Reddy, University of Illinois (Chair)
  Mads Tofte, University of Copenhagen

POPL General Chair:
  Ron Cytron, Washington University


We solicit submissions on original research not submitted or published
elsewhere.  Authors should submit 8 copies of a detailed summary not
to exceed 5000 words (approximately 10 pages) to the program chair by
Sep 30, 1994.  The cover page should include a return postal address
and an electronic mail address (if possible).  Please follow the same
guidelines as for writing summaries for the POPL conference.  These
are available by anonymous FTP from directories

Authors will be notified of acceptance of their paper by Nov 15, 1994.
Final versions of accepted papers are due on Dec 22, 1995.  Accepted
papers will appear in a technical report to be distributed at the

Correspondence should be sent to:

        Prof. Uday Reddy
        SIPL '95
        Department of Computer Science
        University of Illinois
        1304 W. Springfield Avenue
        Urbana, IL 61801

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