MSc in Informatics (AI, CS, CogSci) at Edinburgh 
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 MSc in Informatics (AI, CS, CogSci) at Edinburgh

    Master of Science degrees in the Division of Informatics
    at the University of Edinburgh

    The Division of Informatics offers three 1 year courses
    in different topics in Informatics:

        1. MSc in Artificial Intelligence, whose primary focus is on
        development and understanding of intelligent computational processes
        for the benefit of both creating useful artifacts and helping better
        understand intelligence (human or otherwise). The course contains
        five themes: Foundations of AI, Intelligent Robotics, Knowledge-based
        Systems, Natural Language Processing, and Non-Symbolic AI.

        2. MSc in Cognitive Science and Natural Language. This MSc is
        concerned with computational, formal and experimental approaches
        to understanding cognition and natural language. In Cognitive Science,
        the disciplines of formal linguistics, psychology, neuroscience and
        philosophy are brought together in different kinds of computational
        frameworks. This MSc is particularly concerned with how language is
        represented and processed.

        3. The MSc in Computer Science contains three themes. The Advanced
        Computer Systems theme embraces the theory and practice of designing
        programmable systems. The Systems Level Integration theme teaches
        the principles underlying the design of integrated software and
        hardware systems in silicon. The Theoretical Computer Science theme
        introduces students to core areas of theoretical Computer Science and
        to the technologies through which theory-based tools are implemented.

    From October to April students attend taught modules.
    During the period May - September inclusive, each student
    undertakes a major practical project under the supervision of a
    member of academic staff. The projects can involve industrial
    collaboration and may be proposed by the student.

    These courses have been approved by the UK Engineering and Physical
    Science Research Council for the tenure of Advanced Course Studentships
    (about 40 across the three courses).        

    In general, students should have a good BS/BSc degree (or equivalent)
    in an appropriate topic, plus other skills approporate to the particular
    MSc course.

    More information can be found on the Division's MSc WWW page at:


    For further information, write to:

        MSc Admissions Secretary
        Division of Informatics
        University of Edinburgh
        5 Forrest Hill
        Edinburgh, EH1 2QL
        Scotland, UK

        Fax: +44-(131)-650-6899
        Telephone: +44-(131)-650-3904

**************** ALSO: PhD Positions Available ****************

    We also have a thriving PhD course. For more information, see:

Dr. Robert B. Fisher, Division of Informatics, Univ. of Edinburgh
5 Forrest Hill, Edinburgh EH1 2QL, United Kingdom
+44-(131)-650-3098 (direct line), +44-(131)-650-3090 (secretary)

WWW: http://www.*-*-*.com/

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