New textbook: Elementary SML 
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 New textbook: Elementary SML

Elementary Standard ML
Greg Michaelson
Heriot-Watt Universisity

November 1995, 320pp, ISBN 1-85728-398-8, Pounds 14.95 PB, UCL Press

In this new and accessible textbook the essential features of
SML are taught with the use of extensive examples and exercises.
The book will be ideal for a first level course in functional programming,
presenting the functional paradigm as a useful approach in its own right,
as well as helping to develop an understanding of concepts which are more
widely applicable, such as pattern matching, case structuring, recursion
and list processing.

Elementary Standard ML is a practical and thorough introduction to the
language which will be ideal for a first course in functional programming.
Computer Science students will find this a useful primer for learning and
exploiting SML.


0 Prologue
1 Introduction
2 Basic types
3 Global declarations and functions
4 Pattern matching and recursion
5 Introducing lists
6 List higher order functions
7 Tuple lists
8 Text processing
9 Concrete data types
10 Defining lists and trees
11 Input and output
12 Further SML

Appendix 1: Using an SML system
Appendix 2: SML syntax
Appendix 3: SML standard functions and operators

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