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 Actor Semantics

A new paper providing a definitive and detailed development of the
semantics of actor systems is available via anonymous ftp.  Comments
are especially welcome.  

Title:          A Foundation for Actor Computation

Authors:        Gul Agha, Univerity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
                Ian Mason, Stanford University
                Scott Smith, John Hopkins University
                Carolyn Talcott, Stanford University


        We present an actor language which is
        an extension of a simple functional language, and provide a precise
        operational semantics for this extension.  Actor configurations are
        open distributed systems, meaning we explicitly take into account the
        interface with external components in the specification of an actor
        system.  We define and study various notions of equivalence on actor
        expressions and configurations.

to ftp the compressed postscript file:

        ftp  (or

        login: anonymous

        send ident as password.

        cd pub/MT

the file is called:  

Note: the paper is 76pp long.  It subsumes work reported in our paper
in CONCUR '92.  

(Note: A number of other recent papers on actor languages and their
implementation may be obtained by anonymous ftp from under the directory pub/papers).

Tue, 23 Jan 1996 18:51:13 GMT  
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