Miranda system needed for PC 
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 Miranda system needed for PC

        Peter> : Anyhow we (wowbagger.pc-labor.uni-bremen.de) have a PD version of
        Peter> : Miranda, called Miracula. You will find it in
        Peter> :     /pub/languages
        Peter> :
        Peter> : Have fun.....

        Peter> Umm. Was that a joke?

No, that wasn`t a joke.
We USED to have Miracula, but there was a licence agreement between
the University of Bremen and the licence holders of Miracula, that we
didn`t know about. As a result of that we took Miracula off our System.
We do not want to get into any trouble....

Sorry about the trouble


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Tue, 16 Apr 1996 14:50:02 GMT  
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