Poplog talk/demo in Oxford, UK 
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 Poplog talk/demo in Oxford, UK

Those near Oxford may be interested in our talk NEXT MONDAY, 27th
February, at 5pm in the University Computing Service, 13 Banbury Road,
Oxford. This will be about the Poplog programming environment, and will
include a demonstration. Directions are given at the end of this

BACKGROUND: Poplog comprises four programming languages: Pop-11, Prolog,
ML, and Lisp, plus an editor, a windowing system, at least one (!)
object-oriented sublanguage, numerous library files, and lots of AI
software. Its applications include expert systems, vision, robotics,
neural nets, as well as teaching AI.

Until recently, Poplog was only available on big machines, but a PC
VERSION is now almost ready under the Linux operating system. Poplog
started at Leeds on a Pegasus, continued at Edinburgh, was (and is)
developed and used at Sussex, and is marketed by Integral Solutions Ltd,
who will be giving the talk.(*)

Pop-11 has a number of unusual features, including:
    the ability to compile programs at run-time;
    the ability to run programs at compile-time;
    the ability to call the code-generation routines yourself, making it
    possible to extend the compiler and define new languages;
    a functional subset, with higher-order functions;
    continuation- and process-handling;
    a user-accessible open stack.
Poplog is easy to extend in almost any direction you want: just one
extension I found useful in my teaching, for example, was to add
processes and co-routining to Prolog.

HOW TO GET THERE: The Computing Service is at the south end of Banbury
and Woodstock Roads, in three converted Victorian houses just past the
Old Parsonage Hotel. Nearest parking is in the Service car park. The
easiest access to Banbury Road for those unfamiliar with Oxford is
probably from the north end via the roundabout on the ring road. From
here, the Computing Service is about 2 miles south.

There will be a charge of \pounds 1 to non-members.

We are happy to receive memberships from outside the University; and
equally happy for offers of talks.




Integral Solutions Ltd, 3 Campbell Court, Bramley,
Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, RG26 5EG.
Tel: 01256 882028
Fax No: 01256 882182

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